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WUFF 2016 poster (part) WUFF 2016 poster (part)


May 26, 27 + 28 | 6pm
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision


The Underground film is a certain kind of film. It is a film conceived and made essentially by one person and is a personal statement by that person.
—from “The Underground Film” by Sheldon Renan

WUFF identifies and encourages contemporary filmmakers who have an original, radically personal approach and are producing work outside mainstream film production and distribution.

We also aim to cultivate an audience for this type of work by providing a festival dedicated to single-author films.

WUFF does not follow any particular artist or established institution but selects film and video through an international call for submissions and lets the work speak for itself. We do not screen films that follow a classic, Hollywood-style narrative, indie films, films that are made to be shown as a gallery loop or those that need greater artistic context outside of themselves.

Today’s underground filmmaker could be working with found digital animation, web iconography, digital artifacts or with the more traditional methods of manipulating found footage and sound. Regardless of the technique used, we are looking for filmmakers who have crafted a gem as personal as a poem and unrestricted in vision, length or structure. The result is a three-night festival that screens works by local and international filmmakers that might otherwise be unrecognised and unavailable to the general public, and that the audience is unlikely to see anywhere else.

Rosie Rowe
Festival Programmer

Still from The Fortune You Seek is in Another Cookie


The Fortune You Seek is in Another Cookie

“A journey around the world in search of happiness as a poetic and political practice, a quest for meaning. A star-gazing montage of a multi-year excursion that describes the subjective view of the world according to the filmmaker.”
—Johannes Gierlinger, film-maker

‘The Fortune You Seek is in Another Cookie’ is a dizzying experience in the essayistic tradition of Chris Marker and the early explorers. A film for anyone who yearns to see the world anew.
—Mads Mikkelsen - CPH:DOX 2014, Copenhagen

A lusciously shot journey filled with nostalgic yearning, an invisible narrator leads us on a quest for the ever-elusive sensation of happiness.
—Pamela Cohn - Senses of Cinema